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Areas of Practice


At the core of our firm is our corporate law practice.  With the evolution of old industries and origination of new industries, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the complexity. That’s where we come in. We take pride in navigating the often foggy landscape and its relationship to your business. We help our clients negotiate terms, draft agreements, and navigate transactions relating to the purchase and sale of businesses, real estate, corporate governance and private placements. Our goal is to handle your most important business transactions with ease. For more information visit our Corporate page.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of corporate law and business principles. We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run. We’ve steered corporations with a balance of legal, business, operational, and financial strategies that had clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.

Liquor licensing

Liquor licenses and other requisite business licenses can be the protectors of businesses but are often burdensome to obtain and require regular maintenance to keep the business running smoothly. The James Firm strives to obtain and maintain these licenses so you can focus more on building a business of a lifetime. Among our clients are restaurants, hotels, bars, catering hall and many other establishments. We expertly compose applications for state agencies, tailoring each application accordingly. Visit our Liquor Licensing FAQs page and Licensing page for more information.




The James Firm's corporate practice includes counseling clients on a broad range of matters involving routine residential closings to complex real estate issues, including those that arise in the context of mergers and acquisitions, leasing, commercial financing, liquor licensing, and secondary mortgage market transactions.




Cannabis law is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but the rules can be convoluted and vague at best. Protecting a business in this area involves complex nuances in intellectual property, corporate law, real estate, and business strategy. A successful case requires creativity and flexibility.  We protect our clients against business issues large and small, and guide them through navigating laws.