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If it is time for your liquor license renewal, then trust us to keep your business running smoothly. Without an in-depth understanding of New York State liquor laws and the renewal process, you risk wasting time and money by having to fix issues after the application is submitted. We ensure your that your renewal application is not rejected or unreasonably delayed which can cause unforeseen disruptions in your business. Our firm handles all of the necessary aspects to renewing your license.

Please use the Liquor License Renewal Order Form to begin the process. A representative will contact you within 24 hours (or the next business day) to process your renewal.

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Have more questions? To schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your liquor license renewal application, please contact us through our Online Contact Form above, by email:, or by phone (212) 845-9909 in New York City, or (516) 858-5887 in Garden City, Long Island.