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We concentrate on helping entrepreneurs navigate the complex New York liquor license process.

We specialize in solving your complex issues.

Having spent years representing owners, we are readily aware that you rely upon your liquor license for substantial revenue. The licensing process can be overwhelming, resulting in delays in the application process or even denial of the application entirely. That’s where we come in.

100+ Licenses Obtained. Yours is Next.

  1. We will advise you on the best approach and strategy for obtaining a license based on your company, goals, location, and unique factors.

  2. Prepare and vet your application using our comprehensive knowledge of the Alcoholic Beverage Control laws and the up-to-date practices of the State Liquor Authority.

  3. Handle all the necessary requirements for the license application including correspondence with third-party vendors.

  4. Correspond with the State Liquor Authority on your behalf throughout the entire process.

Our flat-fee service ensures you can plan your finances with confidence. Utilizing our service will give you peace of mind, save you time and money, and expedite the application process. We save our clients 33% in processing time on average. Join the hundreds of NYC businesses that trust us to handle their business.

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